And we’re back!

This poor abandoned blog. As usual it’s not you- it’s me. I’ve changed. 

You see I’m sleeping a LOT less. A tiny tyrant has entered my life. One with an aficionado for midnight snacks in the form of a bottle. 

He sure is cute though. This is evolution at its finest. Babies would so just be left out somewhere if they weren’t so cute! 

So, said little tyrant is now 19 months old. Just started walking after the PT said to bribe him with chocolate chips (seriously), and is sleeping more. Still loves a night-time snack often but I’m a bit more coherent. Maybe the typos in this first post back won’t be so bad. A girl can dream

I am different. Becoming a parent does something to your priorities- it obliterates most that aren’t kid related. Your life revolves around this new person now. And yes, we all had those goals that we wouldn’t be those parents before kids. We would live our own lives! Not much would change! bla bla. It’s ok. I though that too. 

And so here we are. Life is different yet I would still love to blog. I still get just as excited when I find a great meal and I want to share! 

I also get really really excited about finding a great deal on must have baby gear. I think every parent needs to get the skip hop toddler harness for when their kid starts walking and wants to lick the beer cans in the store (not that that happens to me or anything…). 

So somehow- this blog will have to be both. I’m not sure what that will look like- just that I want it. Perhaps you, the reader, have changed and we can change together.