Vegan and Gluten Free Brunch in Vienna

Not only did we recently sign a lease on a Prius (because – San Francisco – I told the dealer that we were conditioned to lean towards Prius since they are EVERYWHERE), but I am also writing this blog on a new to me 12” Macbook (thanks Martin!). I know what you’re thinking, “how BASIC.”

You’re right. It’s all terribly basic. The Prius, the Macbook, and most of all that this is a post about brunch! But hey fellow avocado toast loving millennials- if you can’t beat em join em I say! So here comes a super BASIC post about the awesome vegan and gluten free brunches I recently had in Vienna. ?

Harvest Bistrot

Address: Karmeliterplatz 1, 1020 Vienna

Hours: 10:00-24:00 Wed-Sun (Brunch: Sa, Sun, holidays 10:00-16:00)

Phone: +43 676 4927790

I have to admit, I tried Harvest right when it opened and haven’t gone back since. The food was disappointing at the time and the restaurant hadn’t really found it’s voice- or maybe even registered that the food needs to be good enough for us to bring omni friends along. I don’t know how the dinner situation is today but I can tell you the brunch situation is sorted. The buffet is ample without being completely overpriced, all dishes are labeled as well as with all allergens labeled, and you can tell that extra care was taken in providing options for everyone.

Harvest has a bit of a charming lunch at grandma’s feel to it that one either loves or hates- it is a bit dark inside. Outside it’s peeerrrfffeeecct. Reservations are recommended to score one of the outside tables.

One of the sweetest moments of our time there was seeing a little 3 year old boy eyeing their version of nutella and the widening of his eyes when he was told he could have it! “He has a terrible lactose allergy” his mom explained, obviously pleased at providing her child with a place where he could eat everything without care. It was a sweet reminder of the importance of vegan places like Harvest also for non vegans!

The famous “nutella” – I may have eaten too much of this! ?….

…. On this amazing gluten free and vegan bread ? – definitely ate too much of this!!

Parts of the savoury buffet. Some pretty decent and convincing meat substitutes on here! One was gluten free and quite tasty. The next section of the buffet includes different types of hummus, fresh fruit and vegetables, “yogurts,” and salads- it was sadly way too dark to photograph! Trust me when I say that everyone in your party will find something. ?

My first plate: tofu scramble, bread, hummus, jam, and chocolate spread.

A cafe latte that passes the test!! I ended up ordering two!

? Sisters ?- the perfect brunch companions if you ask me!

The other fantastic brunch that was sadly much less photographed was at Joseph Brot. An amazing bakery in Vienna (celiacs might want to avoid). I miss their bread terribly and only went for the sake of the company but ended up pleasantly surprised by the options and had to snap a pic to share!

Joseph Brot Bistro

Address: Landstraßer Hauptstraße 4, 1030 Vienna

Hours: 8:00-21:00 Mo-Fri, 8:00-18:00 on Sa, Sun, holidays (Breakfast until 15:00 on weekdays)

No Reservations

Rice porridge- was fantastic!

My sister’s dish The Vegan: roasted tofu, tomatoes, mushrooms, corn, avocado, onions, and sprouts. This was really good! A bit oily but very delicious!

The third brunch place I recommend is Erich. I already reviewed them for dinner but did go back for brunch once and it was just as great!

Happy Brunching! ?


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