Yosemite 101- Vegan & Gluten Free!

I recently got to teach during Animal Camp at the San Francisco SPCA and I always made sure to read each class one of my favourite children’s books: The Whale and The Snail. It’s a lovely tale about a whale taking a snail around the world. There is a moment where the snail, looking at all of the majestic nature around her says, “I feel so small.” I always would ask the kids if they had a moment like that where they were surrounded by such majestic nature that they felt so small. Lots of little hands would swing up and the kids would all share tales- usually about Yosemite National Park. You see, with the right traffic conditions it is a mere 3 hours away from San Francisco and it is just as gorgeous and majestic as people say. We loved our weekend there!

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The Moving Diaries- All about getting a car!

I prefaced my last post with mentioning how we recently got a Prius and how that makes us terribly basic. Here in San Francisco it also makes us terribly crazy! “Who on earth gets a car in San Francisco??!!!” you might wonder… Well, obviously us! Read on to the whys, the hows, and to see if leasing or buying a car in this crazy city is right for you!

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The Butcher’s Son – so good it feels bad!!! ?

Last Sunday was a particularly sunny day here in SF that simply begged its residents to get out there and soak in the vitamin D! ?  So off we went hopping into the BART and across the bridge over to Berkley! Sorry SF. We see you all the time… sometimes we need a change of scenery- it’s not you, it’s me. Berkley is just where my people are (exhibit A: gluten free & vegan Viennese cookies). Gluten free vegan food abounds amongst charming bookstores, protest posters, and everything hippie. Which is why every veggie minded person visiting the city by the bay must make their way over there- and when you do, eat at The Butcher’s Son.

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Apartment Hunting in San Francisco 101 – Everything you need to know

As soon as a move to San Francisco started to become real- we jumped on craigslist and started learning about the rental market. Some things became clear very quickly and are things that I would want to share with anyone considering a move to San Francisco. So right off the bat:

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