Heuriger Feuerwehr Wagner – A true Austrian experience! Vegan, Gluten Free, Vegetarian

Heuriger Feuerwehr Wagner knows that I am writing this review as they asked me why I was photographing everything (fair question!). What they don’t know is that last year at Christmas they were put to the ultimate test when they hosted the Christmas party of an international school I worked at. Let me paint the picture for you: about 50 staff members representing over 20 different nationalities and at least 10 had varying food allergies/intolerances. What a nightmare! The common solution is to make one allergy friendly dish and call it a day. Feuerwehr Wagner needed no solution. They have a full allergy friendly menu and we were invited to just pick out what we like!

The best part about all this is that all the food was delicious. Every single person left happy, and such has been my experience every time I have visited this Heuriger since.

The Austrian Heuriger tradition is one that dates back to the 17th of August 1784 when Austrian Emperor Joseph II issued a decree that permitted all residents to open establishments to sell and serve self-produced wine, juices and other food (source: wikipedia). It is an establishment where local winemakers sell their wine and oftentimes cook old family recipes.

Going to a Heuriger is a glimpse into the “real” Austria. There is traditional food such as bread, spreads, and lots of pork dishes, Austrian style decor, as well as really really great wine. If you are there in the fall you must have the Sturm which is a sweeter spritzy wine only available during this time.

Heuriger Feuwerwhr Wagner is such an establishment that has been selling their family produced wine and food ever since it was legal. Their winery was established 330 years ago! The name Feuerwehr next to their family name is due to Josef Wagner- the last volunteer firefighter in their district at the time. Nowadays the family legacy continues and Heuriger Feuerwehr Wagner has opened up the experience to all! What is traditionally a menu of pork, dark bread, and charcuterie now has gluten free (meat eating celiacs- this is where you get traditional Schnitzel!), vegan, and vegetarian options. When I spoke with the staff not only were they knowledgable about all allergens, but they also proudly told me about all they do! “We can bread anything gluten free! So if you want breaded veggies- no problem!” “We bake gluten free bread fresh in house daily!”

Whenever you eat at a Heuriger there is usually table service for drinks and food is selected and paid for up at the counter. This is no different. At this Heuriger you will be spoilt for choice! So be sure to ask what is available that day and what they recommend. I recommend the Linsenlaibchen (lentil patties) over salad with a selection of salads from their salad and antipasti buffet:





You cannot not get the traditional Austrian potato salad! They will ask you if you want onions on top! Say yes and postpone any plans to kiss anyone that night.

Dessert had to be taken home as I was completely stuffed from all the yummy food. Again, there were quite a few options! Just ask the staff. I had the homemade vegan and gluten free “snickers.” Way way yummy and better than the packaged thing! Gotta love the creativity.



The rooms inside are nice and cozy but I recommend going on a warm night and sitting outside. The garden and patio are absolutely gorgeous and boast a fountain and a playground for kids (which is away form the diners).


Feuerwehr Wagner opens at 4pm and closes at midnight. Getting there is quite simple! From the U4 (green underground line) stop “Heiligenstadt” take the 38A bus (it starts here so you do not need to worry about which direction to take) and get off at “Neugebauerweg.” Upon getting off you will see a large restaurant called Figl and it’s easy to mistakenly walk in there! The Heuriger is next door to the left with a humble little entrance until you reach their gorgeous patio.

Hope to see you there getting your wine on!



p.s. the grape juice is also house made and delicious should you not be a drinker! ☺️

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