Press Cafe – My favorite cafe in Dublin!

Dear Dublin,

I have a bone to pick with you! You don’t understand what good coffeeshops are and this Austrian is distraught! Where are the live piano players after 6pm? Where is the quiet humdrum of an imported Italian espresso machine that costs more than my rent (which btw. Dublin, is WAY too much)? Where are the real chairs? We want real chairs!! With backs! Wifi access for longer than 20 minutes if you please. And for goodness sakes, what is that loud rock music doing in a coffeeshop? Honestly Dublin, if it wasn’t for Press Cafe, you and I would have a serious problem.

Just last week, Lovin Dublin published an article about 7 Dublin Cafes where you can nurse a coffee without being moved along. While several coffeeshops mentioned are decent *cough* BBs *cough,* none are just right. Like goldilocks looking for the right temperature porridge, I look for the right setting cafe. It must not be loud. It must have comfortable seating. It must have wifi and outlets so one can work in peace, and it must offer non dairy milk. Fortunately Loving Dublin didn’t unveil what I consider to be Dublin’s best hidden coffee gem – Press Cafe. Pssshhht! Don’t tell them! Don’t tell ANYONE. Let’s just sit there ourselves and enjoy the peace. ☺️

press cafe 1

If this isn’t the most perfect corner to sit and work, I don’t know what is! Fabulous cookbooks line the shelves.

press cafe2

Picturesque outside seating that just invites one to sit and dream. 

press cafe 4

Lovely coffee, best enjoyed with a good read. 

press cafe 5

The most scrumptious gluten free chocolate brownie, served warm. 

Wasn’t that relaxing? Ahhhh. I can hear the rustling of plates and smell the aroma of freshly baked goods as I type. My mouth has started watering at the memory of the cocoa powder dusted cappuccino, and my brain is mentally preparing a mini vacation browsing cookbooks on that couch.

Press Cafe is tucked away in Ballsbrige next to the Print Museum. It’s faults are only that nothing is vegan (besides the coffee) and it closes at 5pm. Avoid the cafe at lunchtime if you want to sit quietly over a coffee as it is a bustling lunch spot. The chickpea salad can possibly be veganized but with cous cous being an ingredient, I would not recommend for someone with a gluten intolerance or celiac to risk it.

All said and done I do believe Press Cafe is as good as it gets for coffee in Dublin right now. This discussion is not over between Dublin and I though so I will report back should I find more!

Know any “just right” coffeeshops in Dublin? Tell me in the comments!



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