German Chocolate Müsli

Homesickness. An ailment that affects all expats at one point or another. My hubby claims to never experience such a condition, yet he orders traditional vegetarian Austrian dishes in every restaurant whenever we are home. Funny, I don’t remember there being an obsession with Käsespätzle before the move?

It was this particular condition that possessed me to hoard an empty box of Müsli in our tiny Dublin apartment. Yes. After I finished the box, I kept it! Partially because, as I sighed to my husband, “it’s the best Müsli I ever had!” and the other part being that I consumed the first half of said Müsli box while frolicking freely under the Vienna sun. I tried to find this delicious Müsli online from a place that would ship to Ireland reasonably but to no avail. So what is a homesick girl to do?

I made it myself.

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Scones with Heart – Vegan, Gluten Free, Oil Free, HCLF

These scones are filled with love because all of your loved ones can eat them! They are also heart friendly with NO oil, NO butter, and completely vegan! Throw in the fact that they are nut and gluten free and you have most allergies covered. So whether your grandpa is high carb low fat on the Starch Solution or your cousin a celiac – this recipe will be a hit at your breakfast table! These scones are best served warm with jam and lots of loved ones around! ?

This recipe was developed for Gluten Free Fridays with Vegetarian Mamma! Read more to find more gluten free deliciousness around the web!

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