Antoinette’s Bakery – GF and Vegan treats in Dublin

*UPDATE* As of June 30th, 2017- Antoinette’s Bakery has closed its doors. Sad to see you go!! 

Nestled right on Kevin Street in Dublin 8 is the charming Antoinette’s Bakery. A little getaway into all things cute and delicious. Step inside and you will be greeted by eclectic decor and treats that catch your eye straight away. The best part? Everything is gluten free and some offerings are vegan too!

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German Chocolate Müsli

Homesickness. An ailment that affects all expats at one point or another. My hubby claims to never experience such a condition, yet he orders traditional vegetarian Austrian dishes in every restaurant whenever we are home. Funny, I don’t remember there being an obsession with Käsespätzle before the move?

It was this particular condition that possessed me to hoard an empty box of Müsli in our tiny Dublin apartment. Yes. After I finished the box, I kept it! Partially because, as I sighed to my husband, “it’s the best Müsli I ever had!” and the other part being that I consumed the first half of said Müsli box while frolicking freely under the Vienna sun. I tried to find this delicious Müsli online from a place that would ship to Ireland reasonably but to no avail. So what is a homesick girl to do?

I made it myself.

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The New Kitchen Aid Mini ?

“I have never seen you like this! You look so sad! Please come back. We’ll find a way!” “No! It’s too big!! There’s no way!” I called back to my husband as I was walking away, my Kitchen Aid mixer in a trolley behind me. It was a sad day friends. The day I had to say bye to my stand mixer because we were moving to Dublin (with the knowledge that the next stop would be San Francisco – a bit far to ship such a monstrosity).

I miss it everyday. It’s been a year and I miss it everyday. This is probably why no one squealed louder than I did when the new Kitchen Aid Mini was revealed at a launch party hosted by Harvey Norman.

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Heuriger Feuerwehr Wagner – A true Austrian experience! Vegan, Gluten Free, Vegetarian

Heuriger Feuerwehr Wagner knows that I am writing this review as they asked me why I was photographing everything (fair question!). What they don’t know is that last year at Christmas they were put to the ultimate test when they hosted the Christmas party of an international school I worked at. Let me paint the picture for you: about 50 staff members representing over 20 different nationalities and at least 10 had varying food allergies/intolerances. What a nightmare! The common solution is to make one allergy friendly dish and call it a day. Feuerwehr Wagner needed no solution. They have a full allergy friendly menu and we were invited to just pick out what we like!

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Game of Thrones Tour – Leaving from Dublin!

Northern Ireland is Game of Thrones country – their words not mine! The lush Irish countryside is the perfect backdrop to places such as the Iron Islands, Winterfell, and the Twins on Game of Thrones. The title of filming headquarters has been fully embraced by Northern Ireland and they have issued everything from Game of Thrones stamps to Game of Thrones doors. Are you a serious fan? Welcome! Would you like to hold a replica of Oathkeeper? ⚔

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Dalkey Castle – A fun and unique experience just south of Dublin

Is there anything more fun than stepping foot into a different world? I love immersive experiences that take you somewhere you haven’t been and Dalkey Castle is one! Just 30 minutes south of Dublin on the DART is a charming coastal town called Dalkey. This place has it all! Shops with adorable storefronts, great restaurants, frequent festivals, the ocean, and a castle with the most unique tour around!

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Top 10 Tips – eating well on a budget, vegan, gluten free, vegetarian, organic

One question I get asked often is, “I want to eat healthy food but I can’t afford it! What should I do?”

I recently turned 30 and my twenties have been up and down with times where I was able to strut up and down the aisles of fancy grocery stores throwing anything in my cart and other times where the 50 cent oatmeal in Hofer/Aldi was a lifesaver! ? Regardless of where you currently stand in the spectrum, hopefully the following tips can help keep your wallet happy without any compromises.

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People’s Park Market Dun Laoghaire

I could tell you in a heartbeat what my favorite thing about living in Dublin is – being close to the ocean. In a mere 10-20 minutes in different directions on the DART train one can find themselves smelling fresh ocean air. I am obsessed with it. As soon as I step off the train, the moment the salty goodness fills my lungs, I start to relax. The sound of the ocean starts to ring in my ears along with the chatter of the seagulls. Heaven. On a Sunday there is no better seaside spot than Don Laoghaire because of the People’s Park Market. The ukulele group is a great reason to go but the second reason? Food! Lots and lots of food!

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Press Cafe – My favorite cafe in Dublin!

Dear Dublin,

I have a bone to pick with you! You don’t understand what good coffeeshops are and this Austrian is distraught! Where are the live piano players after 6pm? Where is the quiet humdrum of an imported Italian espresso machine that costs more than my rent (which btw. Dublin, is WAY too much)? Where are the real chairs? We want real chairs!! With backs! Wifi access for longer than 20 minutes if you please. And for goodness sakes, what is that loud rock music doing in a coffeeshop? Honestly Dublin, if it wasn’t for Press Cafe, you and I would have a serious problem.

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Scones with Heart – Vegan, Gluten Free, Oil Free, HCLF

These scones are filled with love because all of your loved ones can eat them! They are also heart friendly with NO oil, NO butter, and completely vegan! Throw in the fact that they are nut and gluten free and you have most allergies covered. So whether your grandpa is high carb low fat on the Starch Solution or your cousin a celiac – this recipe will be a hit at your breakfast table! These scones are best served warm with jam and lots of loved ones around! ?

This recipe was developed for Gluten Free Fridays with Vegetarian Mamma! Read more to find more gluten free deliciousness around the web!

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